We supply, install and service pelletizing lines.

Flow-through scale

The flow-through scale guarantees precise control of the weight of the produced pellets after their cooling and sorting.

BIG-BAG filling station

The filling station is used for filling large capacity bags “BIG-BAG”.

Pelleting press

The modular design of pellet presses can be perfectly adapted to various customer requirements.

Filling nozzle

The filling nozzle is used for filling tanks with wood pellets.

Wipe tester

A wipe tester is a device for determining the mechanical resistance of pellets. Documenting the mechanical resistance of pellets is an important part of producing pellets of the highest quality.

Vibrating screener

A vibrating screener is a device for the removal of dust from pellets that is generated when the pellets pass through the conveying paths or the pressing die.

Counter flow cooler

A counter flow cooler is an integral part of the pelletizing line.

Robotic palletizing

Robotic placement of pellet bags on a pallet guarantees higher productivity, reliability and a precise final pallet shape.

Pellet packaging machine

The automatic pellet packaging machine from the Italian manufacturer ESSEGI is a fully automatic device for packing pellets into bags.