We design, assemble and service briquetting lines

Belt briquette scale

A belt scale located at the exit of the briquette saw checks the weight of each briquette and automatically adjusts the length of the briquette in the briquette saw depending on the deviation from the required weight.

Briquetting press

The briquetting press is designed for pressing wooden material without an additional binder.

Briquette line

The briquette line ensures the transport of the endless briquette from the press to the shortening saw. 

Briquette saw

Automatic saw is used to cut an endless cylinder of briquette to the required length (weight). 

Briquette packer

The automatic equipment for packing briquette bales runs in an automatic mode, in a packing cycle from receiving and sorting the briquettes through wrapping in foil and welding to the final shrinkage in the hot-air tunnel and cooling at the exit of the tunnel.

Weighing and cooling conveyor

The conveyor is located behind the shrink tunnel of the briquette packer.

Conveyor belt

Briquettes are transported between the saw by a conveyor belt.